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' Trying really hard to make you laugh since 2007 '

S.R. Ringuette – AKA Sebastien Ringuette – is a British/French-Canadian crossbreed that successfully reached maturity in the harsh (although friendly) climate of Western Canada. His mission has always been to create entertaining content in some form or another, and began publishing his cartooning work online in 2007. He is the creator of multiple web comics: Exploding Wumpus, The Aversion Bureau, and Gamer Roommates. In recent years, Sebastien has directed his primary creative focus towards novel writing and teaching. He believes free time is a luxury afforded only to the sane.

You can email him (me) with any potential freelance art or writing work, because oftentimes people pay him to do those things! Maybe you want him to teach your children/teenagers/adults or become a resident creator at a school they attend – he can do that! Or maybe you just want to talk about comics, that’s alright too.

So go ahead, scroll down to learn all there is to know about the awkward, wild-eyed savage who handed you his burgundy business card at a time that was very likely inappropriate for self-promotion.

— Books —

Featuring fully-functional, flipping paper sheets

operable with one or both hands – legible in English

Content advisory [PG13]

— Comics —

Just like books, only fundamentally dissimilar

also there’s panels and stuff

Content advisory [PG13] — [14A]

‘The Aversion Bureau’ and ‘Gamer Roommates’ no longer update on a regular schedule and currently exist in an archival state with all past content still available online to read and enjoy.

Content advisory [PG13] / [14A]

— Design —

Your website and/or logo needs to look as good as you do

and seriously you look great, so let’s talk figures

Sebastien has received contract work from businesses, short films, and web series’ from one end of Canada to the other – and even into the mysterious beyond! (America) Feel free to contact him with your desire to have art, writing, or graphic design created for you – or with you. Click on the above images for a current gallery of design work.

— Classes & Courses —

Instructional fun thoroughly enjoyed by actual teenagers!

and sometimes young-looking actors

Sebastien has also been known to teach, specifically: the younger generation, on how to make comics in lieu of any legitimately valuable skill set. He has taught at, organized, and run youth programming for the Writer’s Guild of Alberta such as the Wordsworth creative writing residency and Drink The Wild Air. He has also founded and currently leads an awesome youth cartooning club in Calgary called Pen & Panel, and does work with the Reality Is Optional Creative Kids Programming organization. Sebastien has spent time as a cartoonist, artist, and writer in residence at schools in Calgary and, hell, he’s even done birthdays.

— Appearances —

Meet me and get things signed

I promise to be no more than proportionally awkward based on your approach